Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going crazy dreaming, the American dream

A number of blogs I read are anti-consumerist. Here's an example: the smuggy mcsmuggersons. Homesteading, downshifting, whatever. Everyone's doing it.

I enjoy consumerism. I went down to Seattle with Husband the other day (and Firefly), and we got our meat for the next several months. It was great. We get all our meat in the states. We actually buy almost everything there, at least everything for me. I only buy eggs and produce weekly.

We eat a lot of eggs.

In fact, here are some things about modern life that I really, truly love:

- Washers and dryers. Oh, my wash. I love my washer and dryer. Hanging out the laundry? No thanks. Besides, it gets crinkly.

- ipods, iphones, cell phones you can use to check your email and take pictures of the kids too, and podcasts. How did I live without these?

- shopping on the net. There is no longer any reason to take children to stores, and used books can be procured from half a world away.

- coke. Yes, I like coke. I admit it. In fact, I like coke quite a lot. Diet coke isn't bad either.

- products from China. My knitting needles have pandas on them.

- Cesaerean births. Dying in child birth is very not my style, and I don't really want to lose the kids either. I work so hard to make them.

- Vaccines. See above. I hate being pregnant, so I've got to look after the ones I've got.

- Deep freezers.

- Non-iron shirts. Brooks Brothers make some now. If your husband wears dress shirts, and you're still ironing, get these shirts. They are worth the cost (although Brooks Brothers has regular sales if you watch the outlets). They even have the crease down the arms. Do not iron.

What do you like about modern, consumerist life?


  1. I am pro-consumerism. Especially the fact all my music is on my phone! Yay!

  2. I like modern conveniences. Alot. I'm not a big shopper for junk just to have it. But the list you provided has certainly made my life more comfortable.
    The belief that living without electricity or having oil lamps is somehow holier escapes me.

    I also can't figure out how they blog about it.

    Have a great day!

  3. I too like my washer and dryer...a few years ago, I purchased a new H.E. washer and dryer with part of my inheritence from my grandmother.
    I also love craft a card maker, it thrills me that I can go to the craft store and get everything I need from paper to ink to stamps to cartridges for my die cutting machine.
    I am also a fan of electricity, clean water, and modern sewage systems. I like heat and safe drinking water.

  4. Who doesn't like consumerism? I don't think it will be able to last forever, but it's fun while it lasts.

    When I had a condo a washing machine and dryer were on my list of requirements, because I was tired of coin operated machines, or occasionally having my clothes go missing when in shared spaces.

    I like my iphone 4, too. I use it a lot. I'm sure there's another smart phone with better specs though. My laptop was essential while traveling, and booking accommodations.

    Shopping on the net is more fun without handling and shipping charges. That can sometimes double the price. I need to learn how family gets around that problem for their lands' end purchases.

    Shopping in the states, and filling up a gas tank there -- is a good way to avoid taxes. I have an interview for a Nexus pass coming up.

    Coke? I have a family history of CHD, type two diabetes, and Cancer. Coke has a similar glycemic index to table sugar, and is a risk factor for all of the above. But if it works for you, awesome.

    (Diet coke is toxic, and my sister won't touch the stuff while pregnant. I don't agree with her often, but she has a few degrees, one of which is in nursing, so she probably has her reasons.)

    I think you should be applauded for vaccinating your children. There have been needless deaths in California, because of hysteria from people who aren't old enough to remember what life was like before vaccinations. (I'm not old enough either, but I'm weird. I'm also childless so who cares what I think? 8) )

    I like specialty meat shops like meridian meats, who provide grass fed, non medicated chicken or beef. (Not sure if it's kosher.) The water quality in Australia is terrible, but I miss being able to get kangaroo from a grocery store.

    Thanks for the tip on non-iron shirts.