Sunday, March 20, 2011

Howdy, Neighbour!

So I got a negative comment -- my very first, I think -- on my little phosphate helper down there. It was left by some Suzuki acolyte who is sending her children to -- wait for it -- the elementary school I and my younger brother the Captain attended.

I feel obliged to warn you all that Captain and I are both Reagan conservatives, people who don't even _like_ polar bears, and who only recycle the stuff they pay us for. Now I can't say for certain that this was because of anything I was taught in elementary school, but I can't rule it out either. Be alert.

I do know they were beating the environmentalist drum pretty hard back then. Captain even dressed up as a recycling bin for Halloween one year.

You know, say what you want about the global warming people (or ask me to say it for you), but at least they make their case in public. I am already suspicious of environmentalists, because they seem as a whole to have an alarming totalitarian streak. Fine for someone to eat only organic potatoes, and please, do tell me about it. I'm open to being convinced. But increasingly the trend is not to discuss, say, phosphates, but instead to bypass us proles and trolls and instead legislate the change one wishes to see in the world. After all, why risk the unpleasant discovery that many of us would prefer working toilets to saving water, if one can impose one's will by fiat?

BTW: You're not saving any water if the darned thing keeps backing up, spasming, and vomiting all over my bathroom. Just sayin'. And when that happens, I'm definitely breaking out the bad-for-plants-and-animals chlorine bleach.


  1. SJ,

    My sister, brother in law, (neither of whom I get along with all that well) and parents would all describe themselves as conservatives. I'm the only one of immediate family who grew out of it, and have views more similar to my liberal cousins. But we all agree that organic produce is better for you.

    I'm sure you're aware that the main idea behind organic produce is that it is produced (at least one would hope) without pesticides. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that pesticides are poisons made to kill pests. And thus, the argument behind eating 'organic' is that eating poison isn't good for your health, even if it's just a little bit. (Toxins accumulate over time.)

    (Additionally, the poison, and synthetic fertilizers, are derivatives of petrochemicals made from oil purchased from madmen - most likely outside Alberta, Saskatchewan or Newfoundland. So there may be a political reason to eat organic too.)

    If you prefer to eat poison, I don't know how I would make a salient cogent or otherwise convincing argument to the contrary. Should we think of reasons why people should quit smoking next? (Other than health?)


    Potatoes may actually soak up the poison, so it may not be as simple as washing off the film or wax coating on an apple.

    Moving right along, although I would vote against phosphates if anyone asked me, I wasn't aware that you viewed lobbying interests as totalitarian. You might be right. The NRA might think otherwise.

    (Although, that said, I was a little surprised when, in Australia, I wasn't able to find a conventional light bulb. I didn't look very hard though. I don't think CFC's are safe, although I have used them in the past.)

    Water saving toilets are the ubiquitous standard, in most places around the world, including Israel, Australia, most of Europe including Iceland, and much of Thailand.

    But as you think they're *BS* maybe you could convince free market consumer advocates Penn & Teller to dedicate to a show to the topic on showcase.

    Penn & Teller, in a recent season, made the case against recycling for all items other than those that produced money. So they agree with you, (about that anyway).. If you can get past the occasional instance of gratuitous nudity and/or bad language, you might enjoy the program. (Not safe for children or the workplace, obviously.)

    That said/shared, I hope that no one in their right mind will have a problem with using bleach to clean feces, or fecal water. (And if they do, they must have extremely strong immune systems.)

    Now if you actually hate polar bears, you should be on board with the global warming people. Grizzly's are moving north, because they can. And they're interbreeding with polar bears, because they can. Do you want a creature you hate breeding with Grizzly's? I wouldn't.

    [Note: I like your rhetorical use of the word prole. But I've met proles. They have bigger problems. Like trying to make ends meet. Which is why they might get regular produce. It's cheaper.]

  2. As Ted Nugent once said, quite well I think, "I'm more afraid of a liberal with a cause than a Hells Angel with an attitude."

  3. I'm disappointed that my lengthy comment was deleted. You're obviously not as open to being convinced as you say.

    I don't consider myself an environmentalist, but to consider myself a responsible citizen.

    I'm still quite happy that there are laws in place to stop irresponsible people or big businesses from putting more poison into the water.

  4. dc, I didn't delete any comments on this post or any other.

    Are you thinking of this comment: