Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm probably not cut out to home school my child. I don't actually like teaching. My mother is a natural teacher, but I've inherited my father's disposition in that respect. Unfortunately for us, my daughter is less cut out for school than I am for home schooling.

Slowly, slowly, she is learning to read and numerate.

I have heartburn.

This may be part of living with small children, but whenever I see some sort of "extreme hoarding" video, I always think that that is exactly what my house would look like if I just let things go for a few too many days.

I probably wouldn't acquire animals. I think I would notice that. Especially cats, to which I am mildly allergic.

Nonetheless, it is my job to beat back the hoard. And to beat back the teensy little hoarders who think that my home should be decorated in Early Fisher-Price. I don't literally beat them back; Don't call CPS.

Oh! And we have a toilet. And a bathroom to keep it in! And it isn't even yellow-on-green anymore. What more could a lady want?

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  1. yeah, I pretty much hate homeschooling with everything in me. I want to hack into the homeschooling blogs of those perfect dreamy homeschooling moms who have home school rooms for their homeschooled children who have only homeschooled friends in their quaint homeschool world... but I wouldn't really know what to do after that. Something criminal perhaps... if I knew how.

    I have no idea how I end up homeschooling again every year.