Friday, November 26, 2010


If you bake a bundt cake for Sabbath, and you told your child not to touch it, and she says she did not touch it but rather licked it, and the child is an unreliable reporter so she may or may not have actually licked it, and you haven't got time to make another because you have six loaves of bread and a brisket to get on, is it immoral to serve that cake to immediate family members without mentioning the possible lick-age?

A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Yuck. I'm never having kids.


  1. Definitely OK. If possible, get her to discreetly point to the area she licked, and ensure that slice goes to her.

  2. I would say okay, try to give her licked-slice to her or to myself.

  3. yes it is ok!!

    I am all about cooking with cleanliness and consideration... but ultimately (outside of something that could cause someone harm or illness) what goes on in the kitchen is the cook's business! ;)

  4. C'mon....we're Jews, it's cake!! a little bit of saliva won't hurt.