Sunday, December 5, 2010

Question Period

What's an instant way to summon a two-year-old boy?

Take out your lace knitting. Child will appear instantly on your lap.

Genome's hair is in his face all the time, and he won't let me pull it back into a ponytail. The other little boys wear ponytails. Why does mine scream and yell NO GIRL as he yanks out my least feminine attempts?

Lots of Christian blogs are talking about Santa Claus and gift-giving right now. Munchkin asked her Tatty who Santa Claus is. He replied that Santa Claus was a man who was important to the Christian Church and died many years ago.

Yesterday I overheard her telling her little friend that Santa Claus died, but when Moshiach comes, Santa Claus will come back with Grandpa.

A+ theological understanding.


  1. lol too funny!

    FYI The christian churches I grew up in didn't have anything to do with Santa. some people will incorporate it into their tradition, but I've never heard of a church as a whole doing so. I always thought it was weird... we never believed in him as anything but a fairy tale. I think my parents wanted their dues for the money they spent on gifts! heh no jolly man on a sled in the sky was going to take credit! so yeah Santa isn't usually a part of religious Christianity.... not that my family was particularly religious - but they liked to pretend I guess.

  2. Maybe you could put your son's hair up another way... like a mohican. Which would be amazing.