Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Less than success

Today was not a great day.

Here I am in the morning, after Firefly woke me. Early. Which is why it's dark. I'm knitting. He's helping. Isn't he helpful?

I couldn't find my purse. So I stick Firefly in a sling and go out to the car to look for it. It's not there. I find the purse. But in the process I drop my keys. I get all of the children ready to go out. We're on the curb. It's raining. I don't have my keys in my purse. I don't have them anywhere.

Did I mention that neither of them would go outside without the plastic castle each got for Channukah? So it's me, three children, two plastic castles, the assorted and sundry things it takes to get the children out of the house, and a pile of packages to deliver.

Genome's got his coat on upside-down.

Munchkin has no coat on. She rejected a coat in favour of her fleece flower-power-style sweater. It has a hood, so it's totally the same as a coat, right?

I can't find my keys, and then Genome trips, falls, and cuts his lip. Profuse amounts of blood. Munchkin starts crying. I start nursing Genome, which makes Firefly angry because he's still sling-side. But Genome is quiet and I'm successfully talking Munchkin down by asking her questions about times she bled, but recovered, as Genome surely will. Unfortunately she starts thinking about having gotten stitches, which scared her, so she starts crying.

I call my mother to come mind the children so I can go inside and find. my. keys. Things are, at this point, very bad.

She brings the kids and puts them in her car to get dry. I get down on the road, right in front of the grill of her car, to look under the cars to see if my keys are there.

Right then, Genome honks the horn five times.

Do you know how loud a horn is when you're right next to the grill of a car?

I start crying. HE starts crying, because he's sorry. Munchkin starts crying because . . . well, any excuse in a storm.

I go inside. Find the keys. They'd fallen out of my purse while I was putting Genome's socks on.

In my mother's car, Munchkin is singing thusly to Firefly:
"Don't cry baby,
Don't cry Firefly,
Mummy and Daddy will take care of you
Mummy and Dadd won't let you float away."


  1. oh I have had those days! ok perhaps slightly different events... but all occurring in just the same chaotic and exhausting fashion that yours did. ((HUGS))

    I never knit when I have a baby because I get too frustrated! it's not worth me getting upset at a baby over. it's been like 3 yrs since I knit anything worthwhile... I gotta get back into the groove. hmmm... I'm getting more and more inspired.

  2. Your children have been one of the catalysts pushing me out of "someday" into "I need to have kids SOON". You have incredible kids, even at their worst/weirdest :)

  3. looking at your picture, I am reminded to ask you, where do you get your head coverings? Although I am not Orthodox, I am intending to start covering my hair in the new year. I am beginning to feel the need to be more modest in my appearance.

  4. Haddassah, that's the standard Parkhurst Beret. They're very popular cotton hats that people use as casual coverings. I got mine from, which was the best price at the time.

    I wear black tichels israeli cotton tichels that used to be available everywhere but now are not.

    I really love the extended headbands that are sometimes carried at or They're about $4 and they work very well over a fall. If you're not ready for a fall or wig, a headband like this can cover most of your hair and still be very comfortable.


    The big thing for around the house in NY is Uptown Girl Snoods. You can order from their website, something like

  5. Some days are just like that. I had one on Monday & I have no excuse. My children are big...