Monday, December 20, 2010


Since this unpleasant "boycott Israel" nonsense has come up again, via Lady Gaga flash mobs (I'm not making this up), I thought I'd repost this video. But first, this is why the other side sucks:

And now:

Canadians can fight boycotts by participating in the Buycott Israel program.


  1. I'm not really well-informed enough to have a valuable opinion, but it's safe to say this is a situation with good and bad on both sides. Really, the best solutions for stuff like this come from knowing what you're talking about and discussing it reasonably. I think people will start to do that approximately...never.

    I am tempted to bulk buy hummus now to spite the flash mob people for their horrible song though. I get the feeling they weren't aiming for that.

  2. BUYcott can be done by anyone, anywhere. It's easy! And it works. Join the facebook BUYcott Israel group and learn how to deploy this in your own community.

  3. I've not seen this before. Thanks!

  4. I only watched one video, the 2nd one.The video maker assumes that those who do not approve of the illegal state of "israel" in stolen Palestinian land must be a)Muslim and b) a terrorist.I am neither.

    I look at how good the "israelis" have it (freedom of movement, most of Palestinian land, money from America) and at how bad the Palestinians have it (no freedom of movement, limited access to healthcare, building materials, food and cars, a tiny chunk of land, their land taken)- and my conscience tells me this is wrong.

    Again, what did the Palestinians do to the Jews?Sure, they were living quietly on land what was once Israel but that was a ridiculously long time ago.Why could the Jews have not moved in with the Palestinians without stealing their land and demolishing their homes?

    In Ireland, we support Palestine because we were in a similar situation to Palestine for 600 years.We are a neutral country that does not invade, bomb, torture or kill- or support countries that do so and that includes "israel".This does not make us Muslim or terrorist- nor does it mean that we hate Jews.I have worked with Jews from "israel" and even one from Germany.

  5. Lucy, they are Muslims, anti-semites, or ignorant people. I apologise if the video maker didn't make the third option clear to you.