Friday, July 23, 2010


I sometimes feel as if Munchkin is only a periodic visitor to our world, drifting in and out from wherever she actually resides. Nonetheless, there are issues on which she is absolutely firm. She is adamant that we must all Follow the Rules, and failure to do so upsets her.

I was driving home with Munchkin, Genome and Firefly when I made a right turn. As I turned, she began to cry. I was confused. Did I jerk her? Did Genome throw something? Anything was possible.

But no. She was crying because "you're not supposed to go on a red light!"

I will interject at this moment that it is impossible to explain nuances of context in driving to a four-year-old. We quickly reached an impasse. I maintained that it is indeed legal to turn right on a red light in most places in North America, including in our city. She maintained that it is always wrong to proceed on a red light. We finally settled on "don't tell mummy how to drive," which she could agree on, and "mummy knows how to drive," which I suspect she still doubts. But she doesn't pop up saying so, and that's good enough for me. As my own mother used to say: think what you want, but do as I say.

If you're wondering, the photograph is of Munchkin tossing water into the wading pool near our house.


  1. I love that hair! That gorgeous cloud of curly hair.

  2. I love those curls. I hope I have kids with curly hair like that. Jason has naturally curly hair so it could happen, right?

    *hair is straight as a bone*

  3. @ aka the Mom -- it's all from their dad's side

    @ Katie - curly hair is dominant, so half your kids should have curly hair IYH. Mine is very straight.

  4. I used to spend a fortune getting my straight hair to curl. She is a lucky girl, and you are a lucky mom because you get to play with that golden gorgeousness.

  5. curly hair is dominant, so half your kids should have curly hair IYH

    That's not right. If the other chromosome donater has both recessive and dominate curly, then it don't matter what you got, grl. They will be curly, curly curly. HA.